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TRANSCEIVER RT 68 RT-68/GRC TRANSCEIVER, 38-54.9 MHz FM continuously tunable or 100 KHz-step channels. Receives and transmits both voice and 1600 Hz ringing FM; range 10-15 miles. Receiver circuit has variable 1st IF 4.45-5.45 MHz and fixed 1.4 MHz 2nd IF; also squelch and 600 ohm audio output. Transmitter uses crystal-controlled  and oscillator power amp; power output 2 watts (LO) or 15 W (HI). With Power Supply PP-112  24 VDC 6.5 amp, or Power Supply PP-109  12 VDC 12 amp, and the Mounting Table  ΜΤ- 299GR  we have the vehicle radio set AN/VRC-10.