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We continue the effort started on 1/12/2006 for our search in order to locate, register, test and trade all the radio equipment used by the armed forces of this country before the epidemic of printed cirquits and tranzistors broke out. 

Bulky equipment with tubes and valves  have a special attraction. Equipment like the RT-77/GRC-9, the AN/GRC-19, the AN/PRC-10, the AN/PRC-25, AN/PRC-77, AN/VRC-22, the RT-68/GRC  the RT-70/GRC the RT-524/VRC the AN/GRC-106, the AN/GRC-155 and the MRC-107  have made history, and each one of them has its own particular past.

While our search will be in progress, a search which entails hard work, overcoming difficulties, and considerable financial cost, we will be constantly updating our website with new information and data.